Eliminate Package Theft Using a Smart Home Security System

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We Make It Simple To Integrate Our IP

P3's patented technology is available for license or exclusive license. Our technology allows for in home deliveries and unattended home services in a method that will give users peace of mind. In addition to the patent we have technology that will walk our licensee through integrating into their system. We are excited to share all the ways our unique, trustworthy, and expandable technology can benefit home security companies and their customers. 

P3'S Patented Systems and Methods Set The Foundation for Biometric Verified and Video Monitored In Home Activity

With 1.7 million packages being stolen per day this problem needs to be addressed. P3s patented technology resolves the issue of porch theft while opening the door to solving scheduling issues with telecoms, groceries being delivered to the fridge, landlords can more easily maintain properties without bothering their tenants, and an entire economy of in home services that previously required attendance now no longer has that burden.  

Easily Included in Carriers Processes

There are multiple ways to incorporate our systems catlyst into the standard procedures of the major carriers and last mile delivery companies. Lifting the burden of second attempts and stolen packages off the carriers frees up their infrastructure and increases their bottom line.  

Deliver High Cost Items & Revenue Generating Services Without the Customer Present

So many luxury or time sensitive items are passed on because of fear of theft or spoilage. Scheduling between homeowners and contractors has also experienced similar levels of frustration. P3s patented technology lifts these barriers so users can shop freely without attendance requirements. 

Security Steps that Protect Everyone

There are multiple security steps meant to protect all parties involved. Not only does our patented technology prevent authentic claims of theft or poor service, it also prevents false claims from being taken seriously. Whether the vendor, the customer, or the carrier, all parties are afforded greater proactive protetection. 

All the Customers Need to Have is Wifi and a Smart Lock

The barrier to entry is very low with our technology. While of course we want everyone to have a full home multi camera security system, some may need time to grow into that for any number of reasons. By having a low barrier to entry, new users can get started right away and then be incentivied to grow into additional services over time.  

Our Technology can be Sub Licensed

This technology is suitable for wide spread adoption. We are excited to find a licensee who sees the broad potential of implementing this and making it available across industries. 

The Video Stream Allows the Customer to Provide Real Time Feedback

The customer and the delivery agent can use the system to communicate specifics about the delivery in real time. 

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