Our Mission

P3 is seeking to license our broad patent and future continuations to a prominent name in the home security industry. We want to use our years of research and modeling in this space to aid our licensee in achieving wide spread adoption for this technology and the home security products that match the users monitoring comfortability. 

We Are Specialists In Secure Delivery Technology

Our Accomplishments Include:

Team Info
  • Highly enterprise experienced chief of sales
  • Mass production and logistics expert chief of product
  • Widely talented chief of engineering
  • Mentors and Advisers forming a broad knowledge base
  • Patent and Licensing attorneys on board to ensure a smooth deal for all
  • Winning track records all around
Ready To Go
  • Demonstration available
  • Issued patent with broad claims
  • Continuation of core patent on file with future continuation path mapped out
  • NPL from USPTO identifying attempts by key competitors and our uniqueness
Other Info
  • We have broad patent claims covering our systems and methods
  • We take consumer privacy seriously
  • We are risk reducing enthusiasts
  • We developed our product demonstration
  • Together we are set up for success!

We are a well positioned company in the secure delivery technology space.

And as you can see, we can definitely meet your desire of investing technologies, producing a product that really works, and providing value to society!

Contact Us

Email us:info@p3techventures.com